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What is Refinancing?

It is the process of paying off your existing mortgage with a new mortgage. Typically, you refinance your mortgage to reduce your interest rate and monthly payment or change the length or term of your mortgage. You may also refinance to take cash out from your home’s equity.


Refinancing could save you a considerable amount of money over the life of your loan. It can also potentially improve your overall financial outlook.  With fully customizable loan terms, you don’t have to lose the years you’ve already been paying. 

What We Do

At Wright Lending Team, we make the home refinance process easier. We use various tools and our extensive knowledge to guide you along the way. You can start with a refinance analysis request. We will help you see the differences among loan programs so that you can choose the right one for you.


  • Complete our simple home refinance analysis request
  • Obtain options depending on your unique criteria
  • Compare mortgage interest rates and terms
  • Select the offer that best fits your needs

Eliminate mortgage Insurance!

I’ve got programs to eliminate your mortgage insurance up to 89.9% LTV

Even if you bought your home last year, we can likely refinance you into a better rate and eliminate the mortgage insurance premium. This could save you thousands and if you used that money to pay your principle down each month, that would save 7 years of payments at the end of your loan. Imagine having a 23yr loan instead of a 30yr loan with the same payment!

Reach out to us for more details about our refinancing programs. We are more than happy to assist you.